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Zella is the perfect model. She is slim and her features are well defined. Her long grey hair flows down her lean back almost like a curtain draping over a window. Coupled with her long face, her hair makes her look like a character from the elf kingdom on the hobbit trilogy. She has a mystical look to her; the kind of mystery that invites you to solve it. Her pale white skin adds to her mystical appeal. Color however comes back to her whenever you touch her. She blushes a bright pink lighting up her entire body like a Christmas tree. She feels just like a real girl doesn’t she?
Her best feature is her bust. This girl has boobs for days! You would get lost in them. Motor boating has never been as exciting as doing it with Zella. She is tall and everything apart from her bust is petite. Her long legs are amazing to just look at. With Zella, you no longer have to worry about those cold, long, lonely nights. She is a great listener and a wonderful lover. Her pussy is so tight you think she is still a virgin. The beauty about having this sex doll is that she will be as tight as your first day even after multiple uses. Her skin does not age and her beauty does not fade away with time. So unlike other girls out there, April is always going to be the mystical princess that she is now even after year and years of use. Don’t worry about making a mess whenever you are with her, she is super easy to clean. So go nuts, let yourself loose in her, take her to the bath with you and enjoy some mischief with her. Bath time is never going to be the same.

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