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Male sex dolls are essentially sex toys designed to resemble the male human anatomy in every way. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In the mass market, one can find male sex dolls that are life sized; look almost exactly like a real man; as well as torso sized sex dolls; possess a penis and a pair of balls attached to a seemingly male torso but lack the arms and legs and in some instances the face.
For the life sized male sex dolls, there exists a wide selection from which potential buyers and, or end users can choose from. One can choose to purchase a life sized doll that is either tall or short depending on their idea of a picture perfect man. They are designed to resemble a fit man whose abs are often shaped in a perfect six pack with chubby male sex dolls a being a rare find.
Potential buyers and, or end users can also choose the skin color of their male sex dolls. If your fetish is to be with a black, white or Caucasian male, the mass market has something from every one. They also range in terms of the size of penis. One can choose the length and width of the penis they need to fulfill their desires.
Like the female sex dolls, the male sex dolls also make good models and mannequins for fashion photography and fashion or clothes stores. They also have the added advantage of providing safety and security at some level for their owners. Women who live alone for example can pose them in various places in the house and, or their cars to ward off intruders. Chances of such women being attached are reduced when they seem to have a man in the house as opposed to when they are alone.