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Latex sex dolls are sex toys manufactured using natural or synthetic latex and are meant as aids for the exploration of one’s sexual desires. These dolls are made out of latex and are often blow up dolls. They are designed to resemble men or women but have a limitation in the shemale categories. Unlike their silicone of TPE counterparts, they are limited in selection in terms of skin color, size and shape. Their features are also not as prominently displayed as those of silicone and TPE sex dolls.
Despite the number of disadvantages that come with owning a latex sex doll, there are a number of advantages to them as well. These dolls due to their inflatable nature are easy to store in the most discrete and covert ways imaginable. They are also easy to transport. You can literally fold them up into your back pack and take them along on a camping trip without any one ever knowing. They are also quite affordable compared to TPE and Silicone sex dolls in the market. While the latter can be purchased at prices from $1200 upwards, you can find latex sex dolls for as little as $100.
They offer the same sexual pleasures as silicone and TPE sex dolls as they come fitted with a mouth, a vagina (for the female dolls of course), a penis (obviously for the male sex dolls) and an anus (this goes without mentioning that it is a feature in both male and female sex dolls). You can therefore enjoy having oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration depending on your heart’s desires. They often come coated with a layer of zinc oxide due to the heavy latex used to ensure durability. Worry not however for this can easily be washed off. These sex dolls make for great sex toys but stay away from them if you have a latex allergy will you?