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Russian women are renowned the world over for their physical beauty and strong personalities. They are a delicate blend of people and cultures from the east and western parts of the world. With its history of invasions and settlement’s you are bound to have a beautiful product out of it. Designers and manufacturers of Russian sex dolls have perfected the art of mimicking these wonderful features of the Russian woman.
These sex dolls have the delicate facial features of a real life Russian woman. From their high cheekbones to their round faces their fair skin, and the color of their eyes, these sex dolls are designed to give the illusion of looking at an actual Russian lady. These dolls are often life sized and come posed in bright and colorful clothing that reflects on the Russian’s love for color and flair. Their bodies are designed to mimic the strength of Russian women. They have a metallic skeleton that affords them their sturdiness, their flexibility and their ability to handle any shape, size and weight of man, or woman, that chooses to explore their sexual nature with them. Their flexibility is mainly due to their adjustable hands, legs, fingers and torso. You can therefore pose them in any way you would like and have your way with them, no questions asked and without the fear of hurting them.
These dolls are the true definition of beauty with their silky hair being either dark brown or blond hair being styled in different ways; if you would like your dolls with short hair or long hair all you have to do is ask. Features such as hair color, eye color the size of the burst or the ass, the height of the doll can all be customized to meet the client’s needs and wants. Get yourself a Russian sex doll today and enjoy a piece of Europe everyday