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In a world where everyone is out to gain their own social benefits, maintaining constant, fruitful interactions can be a difficult fit. Innovations thanks to technological advancements have given us a number of ways to cope with our needs to be the social sexual beings that we inherently are. The Japanese sex doll is a life size silicone companion made to suit a number of sexual and social needs. The skin of a Japanese silicone doll is made to fell intentionally realistic to the touch. The dolls are fitted with adjustable limbs and fingers to allow for flexibility and maneuverability. They come in a number of shapes and sizes. While a majority of Japanese sex dolls take the female form, a number of male ones exist. The dolls are designed to mimic real life movements when having sex. The breasts on the dolls for example will jiggle and wobble as would those of a real life woman. Their openings; vagina, anus and mouth; are designed in such a way that they are both firm and flexible to allow you the feeling of being with a real woman. The sizes, heights and shapes of these dolls can always be customized to fit the clients’ needs. These dolls also make for good companions with a number of Japanese men claiming to have found true love and satisfaction in the sex dolls as opposed to having to deal with the never ending demands and the cold hearted relationships with human beings. So whether you are just curious about the pleasures of being with a Japanese silicone doll or are unlucky in love or you are just looking for a companion for those cold and lonely nights, try out a Japanese sex doll for an entirely different experience.