A sex doll is an excellent purchase if you want a flexible life-like doll. However, it’s also an investment. Realistic sex dolls use modern technology and materials to create a superior product, which means they can be expensive. As a result, when you buy one, you want to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

If you want a supple doll that will serve your needs for the long-term, you must understand the best maintenance tips. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how to take care of your sex doll.

General Maintenance

Due to the use of thermoplastic elastomers and epoxy resins, the general maintenance element of sex doll care is essential. Continue reading for a selection of tips that will keep your doll sparkling and maintain her incredible properties.

Cleaning Your Doll

As a rule, a doll needs cleaning once or twice every month, although some people prefer to clean their doll at least twice every two weeks. The key is not to go overboard as the warm water and cleaning products may impact the TPE materials (thermoplastic elastomers). Take warm water and soap or shower gel and apply it to a smooth, soft cloth. Loofahs and sponges are too abrasive and may cause the skin to erode.

Next, gently clean all the areas of your doll, taking care around the eyes. The eyes and eyelids are the most fragile parts, so you should avoid getting them wet if possible.

Avoiding Stains

The last thing you want is to spot a stain. Once the skin is flawed, it’s almost impossible to remove the blemish as you can’t use strong cleaning products and scrub vigorously. If you do, you’ll ruin your sex doll.

Therefore, the key is to attempt to avoid stains and marks. To do this, you should clean clothes thoroughly before dressing her. This usually involves washing them, even if they are new, but be careful not to loosen the colour dyes. Otherwise, it will seep into the TPE skin.

An excellent pointer to remember is to invest in high-quality clothes that utilise the most suitable fabrics. For instance, denim and cotton reduce the risk of stains and marks, whereas polyester often encourages flaws.

Stain Removal

If the worst-case scenario does happen, you must act quickly. Start by grabbing some cotton wool or cotton buds and dipping them in olive oil. Once the cotton has been submerged, you should gently dab the infected area without using too much pressure.

Alternatively, if this process doesn’t work, you can swap olive oil for methylated or white spirits. Remember that, since they are stronger, they may remove the colour from certain areas.

Handling Your Doll

Sex dolls are robust and durable. Of course, needless knocks and falls will only lessen its ability to perform. Therefore, it’s essential to experiment with your sex doll slowly and gradually work up to more strenuous movements. A doll’s joints are typically stiff at first but do loosen up over time, so avoid going too far, too fast.

Regarding carrying and transporting your doll, you should be careful of dropping or hitting it against blunt objects. The latter is a common mistake sex doll owners experience because it’s easy to catch the head, limbs, or body on a door frame.

Sex Dolls And Water

The first thing to note is that most sex dolls are waterproof. Of course, every product is different, which is why it’s vital to check the packaging and instructions before use. Still, it’s generally not a good idea to bathe or shower with a love doll as the moisture can build-up in the joints.

When this happens, the screws that join the head to the body can begin to rust and wear away. Unless you know how to remove the head and deep clean rust, this could be a terminal problem. 

Bathing with your doll is doable as long as it isn’t submerged. Always regulate the water temperature so that it never gets too hot. Warm is fine, yet hot or boiling water is problematic. Drying-wise never uses industrial items such as hair dryers as the heat may lead to skin blemishes. Where possible, use a microfiber towel to wipe down your doll. Any cloth will suffice if you don’t own a microfiber one.

Skin Powdering

Your sex doll’s skin may start to appear or feel sticky. It can also collect dust and debris as a result. This is an issue that happens naturally over time as the skin begins to suffer from wear and tear. Thankfully, you can restore back to its former glory by applying baby or talcum powder. It’s also known as ‘renewal powder.’

Make sure your doll is dry before applying, or else the powder may clump and turn into a paste. If this happens, it won’t have the desired effect. Plus, it only adds more work as you’ll have to remove the powder and start again. All you need is a brush to apply the powder equally across the surface of the skin.

There isn’t a recommended amount for how often you should perform the process as not all dolls are the same. The trick is to look out for skin that attracts lint as dust. This means it’s magnetic.

After Sex

The best dolls use a combination of silicone and realistic features to create an experience that’s almost like the real thing. However, while your love doll may be real, it isn’t guaranteed to last long unless you treat it well. Here’s what to do after sex.

Clean Your Doll

As soon as you are finished, you should use warm or lukewarm water to wipe away any marks. Aside from being hygienic, it prevents bacteria from developing in any of the doll’s cavities. Of course, this depends on your preferences. If you are happy to use a condom, you won’t have to worry about bacteria too much.

For those who prefer the most life-like sensation possible, accessories are provided to help with the cleaning process. For example, a quality silicone sex doll should arrive with a douche bulb cleaner or an enema.

Let The Water Drain

Cleaning with water is a crucial part of the after-sex procedure. However, it may lead to a build-up of moisture that can cause problems if not properly treated. As you already know, sex dolls have metal components that will rust.

Therefore, you need to allow the H2O to drain from the entry points by placing the doll in a seated position. By doing this, gravity will do all the work for you and remove the moisture in a matter of minutes.

Leave for twenty minutes to half an hour for the best results.

Store In A Similar Environment

Most sex doll “experts” will tell you that you need to store your doll in a cool place after sex, but it isn’t the case. Instead, you must place your doll in a room where the temperature is similar. This way, there aren’t any drastic changes in the environment that will affect the TPE materials on its skin.

Also, be sure to place your doll in a flat, rested position after use. If you keep it in the same position, the skin may start to wrinkle and stretch marks will be visible. Laying it out flat will help avoid unnecessary pressure on the joints, too.

More Storage Advice

Storing your sex doll is a pivotal part of maintaining it for a long time. Therefore, as well as the above, you should consider the following:

  • Avoiding direct sunlight: like human skin, sex doll materials mark and burn if subjected to extreme environments. Try and make sure it isn’t near a window.
  • Prevent bacteria: you may not use your doll all the time. If this is the case, the entry points need blocking to ensure moisture doesn’t get inside. This limits the damage that bacteria can cause, too. Stuffing your doll’s entrances with a towel is a handy hack.
  • Remember your pets: Pets are curious. Unfortunately, they investigate with their teeth, and they will destroy your doll if both of them are left unattended. Aside from storing it in the original box, you may need to place it somewhere out of your dog or cat’s reach.

During Sex

How you use your doll is your decision. But, to get the best experience, you need it to last for a long time. With that in mind, you’ll find a handful of tips for use during sex underneath.

Avoid Excessive Force

Again, sex dolls are durable, but only up to a point. Any doll that is subjected to a regular force will start to deteriorate pretty quickly. Therefore, it’s important to be gentle and avoid excessive aggression where possible.

Remove Clothing Between Uses

As you already know, sex doll clothing isn’t as innocent as it appears. Depending on the material or fabrics, it may cause marks or stains that are impossible to remove. So, when you’re not using your doll, it’s wise to remove the clothing and put them back on again when you are ready.

Don’t Use Hard Accessories

Sex dolls come with plenty of amazing accessories that you can’t wait to try. But, it’s important to stop and think about how they will impact your doll’s performance in the long-term. Hard, metallic accessories, such as handcuffs, will dig into the TPE skin and potentially result in rips and tears. 

At the very least, there will be regular indentations that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. As such, you should search for add-ons that utilise softer materials, such as plastic. Alternatively, you can invest in arm socks or gloves that should protect the doll’s material from undue wear and tear.

Can You Repair Cuts Or Scratches?

Yes. In many ways, fixing cuts or scratches is simpler than dealing with stains. To begin with, you must clean the infected area with makeup remover. This has two purposes – it eliminates bacteria, and it allows the glue to settle.

After the tear is clean, you need to apply TPE glue to the area and press it together so that it seals. Please make sure the product is made for sex dolls before using, or else it won’t work and it’ll be a waste. Also, don’t add unnecessary pressure or tension when glueing.

Finally, you must leave the doll in a relaxed position for around thirty minutes. If the glue looks as if it has set, leave it for forty-five minutes to an hour before touching.

Tips For Buying Sex Dolls

Whether it’s before, during, or after use, there are plenty of options at your disposal to prevent your sex doll from deteriorating. Of course, the best plan of attack is to purchase a quality product that is long-lasting.

Here are our tips for buying sex dolls that will put maintenance first.

Research On The Web

As always, the internet is an excellent research tool. A simple search on your favourite web browser will reveal everything you need to know about sex dolls. If anything, there may be too much information. Therefore, keep the essentials in mind, and don’t be afraid to take reviews with a pinch of salt.

Unbiased reviews are fantastic reference points, but they aren’t infallible. When someone makes comments that you think is over the top, make a note of it and don’t let it impact your decision.

Buy In-Store

Buying in-store is better than ordering a doll online as you can try it before you buy. Okay, you won’t get twenty minutes alone in a private room, yet you can touch and feel the material.

Also, it’s a brilliant opportunity to ask about the pros and cons that you found online.

Go Off The Sensation

The best way to maintain a sex doll is to use it regularly as they are more susceptible to bacteria and moisture when left alone. Therefore, always pick a doll based on the sensation you require.

Do you have any questions or queries? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, or pick up the phone to speak to a dedicated and knowledgeable advisor.

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