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Female sex dolls are sex toys designed to resemble the female human anatomy. These dolls range in size from life sized sex dolls to torso female sex dolls. The life sized female sex dolls are versatile in terms of appearances. They are created to resemble women of Asian, Africa, African-American, European, and American descents. Their versatility cuts across the age spectrum as well. Some are designed to look like teenagers; others resemble young adults while others resemble more mature women.
The body size of female sex dolls also differs depending on the desires of the target market. While some are designed to have the perfect hour glass body resembling that of model, others are designed to be slim while others are made to be chubby. Like earlier mentioned the features of female sex dolls are designed to mimic the female human anatomy. This basically means that they have breasts, an ass, curvy hips and thighs (depending on the owner’s preferences of course), a vagina, and the usual feminine facial features. With these dolls you can enjoy oral vaginal and anal sex at whatever time suits your schedule however often you would like and at whatever pace suits you.
They also make for wonderful companions. They do not talk back, interrupt or nag you when you are trying to air out your grievances and they are neither needy nor clingy. They also do not age thus one has the added advantage of maintaining the same beautiful faced female sex doll for years to come. They also make the perfect models as well as mannequins for fashion photography and stores.
They are perfect for photography projects that require patience especially on the model’s side as well as for companionship and sexual interactions for men and women alike that are a bit too shy to talk and relate with actual girls.