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The term Latina is often used to describe individual whose roots trace back to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, South and Central America, Puerto Rico or any other Spanish culture paying no attention to their race. Latinas are renowned for their sassy traits and their sexy and exotic appeal. Latina sex dolls borrow much of that exotic sex appeal in their design. They are life sized sex toys made to resemble person’s whose origins can be traced back to a Hispanic culture. Borrowing from the definition of the term Latina, these sex dolls come in a number of skin colors; races if you will.
They are commonly found in the female form though male Latina sex dolls make a less frequent appearance in the mass market than their female counter parts. They are both perfectly crafted and their bodies held in place with a metallic skeleton on which they are mounted. These metallic frames allow them the flexibility of a new born. You can spread them, bend them, twist them and fold them in every way possible without the fear of breaking or damaging them and without having to constantly struggle to keep them in the same position for long.
The female Latina sex dolls borrow heavily from their real life counter parts. They are designed to mimic that exotic sex appeal of a Latina woman. From her silky smooth dark hair to her facial features to the way her skin glows and her hair falls down her back to the small of her back. Her curves are as flawless as those of Latina women and her breasts and ass have a playful little jiggle every time you move her or move in her. Her skin is smooth, soft and flawless and feels as realistic as that of a living breathing human being. Try out something new and exotic by purchasing a Latina sex doll.