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Original price was: $2,890.20.Current price is: $1,381.61.
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So, you’re looking for the best and most realistic silicone sex doll to bring you pleasure and fun, but you’re not sure where to even start? With so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose one that might fit your desires and needs, so we’ve thrown together the top ten most popular and realistic sex dolls. Let’s take a tour through them to make sure you get the right companion, whether you’re looking for something fun and flirty, or a sex doll that is more demure and coy. 

From cost to features, here are the top ten most popular sex dolls that can energize your sex life.

Top 10 Sex Dolls 

1. Lydia https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/lydia-158cm-custom-sex-doll/

Looking for a sex doll that is extra bangable? Look no further than Lydia, a custom sex doll with Asian features, large breasts, and just the perfect amount of a sweet and shy look on her incredibly realistic silicone face.  At 158 centimeters tall, she’s just a bit shorter than the average woman and quite petite. 

With the option to customize Lydia, you can change everything from the hue of her skin, ranging from deep to ivory, the color of her eyes, and even her cup size, but why mess with perfection? As the number one selling silicone sex doll, Lydia is an ideal realistic sex doll just as she is, and is just waiting to be romanced by you.

At  $1,356.58, she isn’t cheap, but she sure is an affordable date! 

2. Mia https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/real-love-doll-men-masturbation-130cm-mia/

At just 130 centimeters tall, you’ll be able to spend all day and night with Mia. So, what makes her so popular? Her petite frame, sweet lips, and large doe eyes scream that she’s down to play and get fucked. Whenever you’re in the mood, she’s in the mood. Don’t let that sweet face fool you, she’s a bad girl between the sheets. 

At $986.27, she just might be the best purchase you’ve ever made. And, she’s fully customizable. Don’t worry, if you want some longer hair to pull on, you can customize that as well. 

3. Dari https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/solid-sex-doll-full-body-sex-toy-dari-165cm/

Dari might not be number one in popularity, but she can take the number one spot in your heart. An incredibly realistic silicone sex doll, Dari has a soft feel, attractive realistic curves, and is created with Thermoplastic Elastomer, or TPE. Sex dolls made from TPE have the most realistic feeling skin, and Dari is hypoallergenic and can twist and turn to your desires with her metal frame and ball joints. 

At 165 centimeters in height, she is perfect if you’re looking for a sex doll that is a bit taller than many, but still with a tiny 58-centimeter waist and 88-centimeter hips. 

Dari will set you back $1,356.58, and will bring all the unthinkable joy to your nights that you can only try to imagine. 

4. Imani https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/with-metal-skeletal-realistic-sex-doll-imani-145cm

This Latina goddess is one of the smallest gals that makes the top ten list of most realistic silicone sex dolls, but don’t think that she is any less worthy of checking out.  With curves that would make Kim Kardashian envious, Imani is ready to please. 

Ready to play out any of your kinks, Imani is one of the more expensive companions on our list at $1,973.77, but if what you’re looking for is a realistic short and curvy silicone sex doll, she may be the perfect fit for you. 

5. Misa https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/misa-100cm-real-sex-doll/

If pornstar perfection with a bit of girl-next-door flair is what you’re into, Misa is the choice on this list that will really get you going. With firm breasts and soft skin, she’s realistic enough that you’ll wonder why you ever dated before.

One way that she is distinctly different from many of the other realistic sex dolls on this list is she does happen to be less realistically sized, at only 100 centimeters high. If you’re looking for a smaller option to be more discreet and be able to quickly place her in an inconspicuous place, or just want to get rowdy in small spaces, Misa could be your ideal silicone sex doll. 

With her smaller stature also comes a smaller price at $862.83.

6. Aii https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/love-doll-silicone-tpe-sexy-dolls-aii-140cm/

If you are looking to live out your wildest fantasies, look no further than this love doll with a tiny waist of only 45 centimeters. Her name, Aii, literally translates to love in Japanese, and that is exactly how you’re going to feel about her after just one night of fantasies. 

This glossy new toy will have you never wanting to leave your bedroom again; her hair, face, and skin is incredibly realistic, and she the cutting edge of silicone sex dolls. Feel free to customize her to make this short gal your ideal sex doll. 

Aii is $1,096.13, putting her at about the middle of the pack as far as price.

7. Jian https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/sex-doll-lifelike-soft-vagina-jian-135cm/

For those of you looking for a fuckable school girl, Jian would make the perfect girl to add to a fun threesome in your love life. Her tiny stature and lifelike body is sensuous in every way, even down the dimples in her back. She might not be for the old-fashioned at heart, with her adoring eyes and long lustrous hair. She’s been touted as being the most realistic experience in every way! 

Jian won’t totally empty your savings at only $986.27.

8. Linda https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/165cm-blonde-curly-hair-heatable-tpe-sex-doll-linda/

We won’t blame you if your heart is aflutter when you set eyes on this curly-haired dame, Linda. Her TPE skin is as soft as real skin, with elasticity mimicking your own, just probably with a lot less arm hair than yours.  

At 165 centimeters, Linda is no tiny gal, so if being discreet is your cup of tea, you’ll have to pass on this tall-drink-of-water. Linda is hands-down the flirtiest silicone sex doll on this list, but if you’re looking for a bit more of a naughty look, you can always customize her to your fancy. We won’t tell anyone if you change her name to something a bit more debaucherous. 

Linda will have you paying every cent of her $1,356.58 price without thinking twice.

9. Sandra https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/sandra-100cm-long-blonde-hair-heatable-free-delivery-love-sex-doll/

LIke number five on this list, Sandra rocks a tiny frame of only 100 centimeters in height. 

Sandra is a high-quality bouncy silicone sex doll but does lack quite as much realism in the face. If you are not looking for something quite as eerily realistic as a few of these sex dolls, Sandra can offer you all the pleasure, while letting you escape a little bit from reality. With her huge eyes and cupid lips, this silicone sex doll is waiting for you to take her home. 

Sandra will cost you $862.83.

10. Annaisha https://www.sexdoll.co.uk/shop/annaisha-140cm-77-small-tits-asian-sex-doll/

Last but not least, Annaisha comes in at number ten on the list of top ten most realistic silicone sex dolls. Curvy and Asian, this silicone sex doll will more than meet all your sexual needs and desires. Petite at 140 centimeters, Annaisha is fully customizable, from cup size to skin tone. 

At 1,096.13, you can be calling Annaisha yours in no time. 

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