Washing of sex doll once used is essentially a very easy procedure and can be accomplished in a short time if you have got the correct tools. The following are the tools that are recommended to use so as to preserve your sex doll appearance to look decent.

You will need

ü Washing kit which was provided with doll

ü Lukewarm water

ü detergent or Mild soap

ü Warm water If washing the face

Once you are done with sex, arrange to clean the doll by resting it on a flat surface

Make a washing solution containing lukewarm water plus either the provided antibacterial soap or else the detergent (mild soap)

Carefully wash all cavities which you used all through sex with the Real Doll.

Clean the cavities with the lukewarm water so as to confirm that no soap deposit remains in the cavities of the Real Doll because it may lead to irritation afterward when you will have sex with your doll.

Leave the Real Doll air to dry and then keep it until next use by ensuring to follow instructions on storage.


Appropriate care of the sex doll will prolong its lifetime, protecting it clean, fresh and sexy.

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