Jenny 158cm Cool Lady Real Love Doll

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  • It is my pleasure to introduce to you this love doll. Her name is Jenny. She is Russian but very fluent in English. Her accent as she spits out English sentences one after the other, is one of her weapons especially towards men and kind of makes fellow women jealous of her. Her Russian accent has been found to capture people’s attention, and some men have found it to be sexy and charming.
    Being from Russia, it is not a surprise that she keeps a serious look on her nice looking face. Her short white silvery hair on top of her feminine skeleton defines her in a different way, with a unique look. Then she has these straight forward looking eyes that pin straight into you, arousing your extra deeper senses. Her fleshy thick lips that at times rest open with a slight gap in between them, gives you a kissing call that you will always fancy to answer. Contact now and she will all be in your hands sooner than you thought.
    Jenny is the only doll that is going to give you in small and big quantities. For example, she has large breasts whereas her waist is much smaller than the bottom it is attached to. Her sexy pose is extraordinary as it gives a clear visibility of her outside body extremities; like the legs, arms, booty and the breasts. However, the pose does not prevent you from noticing the presence of her other eye catching areas especially her Russian vagina. It is indeed Russian, because I have never seen any like it before. I wish I could let you know how exactly it looks like. Honestly, all I have tried to see is a bigger bean-shape like that of a clitoris peeping through her white lingerie.

    Jenny Doll features  Dolls™ head #59 and 158 cm D-cup body style, with Tan skin tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

    Sex Doll Body Video Demo