Daphne 165cm Anime Life Size Love Doll


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  • Around where she stays, Daphne is well known for her photographic skills. She moves with a camera around her neck all the time.

    I’ve been Daphne’s friend long enough to learn, understand and be able to predict her next move. Last week she asked me to accompany her to a cultural galla down town.

    She was wearing a transparent black mini dress made of pure leather along with a pair of black long socks and white canvas shoes. Her shinny white bangle on her left arm and the diamond earrings in her ears made me proud to be by her side. However, her see through dress made me uncomfortable as my eyes were continuously tempted to see inside her dress. I got a burning desire to see what she looked like under her dress. She was wearing a red g-string that went through her butt to the other side. It was quite dark when we left the Galla, walking at a slow pace.

    Just a few metres away, she suddenly gave me her camera and bag, and rushed by the road side right in front of me. She pulled her dress up and held it with one hand by her flat stomach as the other unmasked the red g-string from her goodies.  She squatted there and took a pee. Thereafter, she then told me “I’m sorry you had to see this” as she pulled her g-string out of her socked legs. She held it in her right hand next to me and dropped it inside her bag. She then headed home. Along the way, I didn’t think of anything else other than her naked body inside her transparent black dress.

    For more updates about Daphne the Anime Life Sex Doll, ask for her and you will be served.

    Daphne Doll features  Dolls™ head #53 and 165 cm C cup body style, with White skin tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

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