Sara 140cm Black Bikini Brown Hair Heatable Free Delivery Love Sex Doll

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    For those of us who fantasize around trios and blow-outs yet couldn’t deal with imparting our adored one to others there is an answer. Now and then sharing a darling resembles sharing a glossy new toy and we can’t comprehend doing a wonder such as this. With a silicone sex doll, the issue is well addressed.

    This doll is the most cutting edge grown-up toys out available. This doll is made in the depiction of a real person from real hair anyplace you’d like it, pussy, rooster, arms, legs, hair on face, to skin surface.

    Sara Doll features  Dolls™ head #LFO-18 and 140 cm D-cup body style, with Light Tan tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

    Sex Doll Body Video Demo