Nadia 105cm TPE Sex Doll,European Sex Doll


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  • Europe has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful sceneries and culture. What’s more is their woman. It doesn’t matter what corner of Europe you find yourself, the women there are jaw dropping gorgeous. Having said that let me introduce you to Nadia. She is the perfect example of the European women we praise so much. She is tall and beautiful, the eye catching beauty that seems to send you into a state of trance every time you see her. Her skin is flawless and soft and just a beauty to behold. Everything about her is made to be as life like as possible. Take her soft skin for example; upon touching it you shall almost instantaneously forget that she is a doll. Her pink lips are soft and full. She is almost begging you to kiss her, to get lost in the warmth of her mouth. Her lips on yours is like a sacred prayer urging your tongue forward from its hiding place and into her mouth where she can play with and caress it.

    Nadia Doll features  Dolls™ head #14 and 100 cm C-cup body style, with Pink skin tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

    Sex Doll Body Video Demo

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