• I have come a long way to accept and start responding to people calling me “Blondie”, just because of my long blonde hair. People also tell me they find my eyes unique and sexy, due to their bluish color around the pupils. I have fat lips that I’m certain will be hefty inside yours when that kissing moment comes around. I just hope you don’t bite me. I shall loosely open them for you to softly grip them with yours. I shall wrap my arms around your neck and probably close my eyes, so I can savor in your taste. In such a moment, I shall be yours to control, wrapped around your arms and you will be able to feel my body; every single part of me. After all this, who knows what will happen next. Will it be extra kissing or getting naked or more! Only you and I will be able to tell, only if you want to take me home with you and make me yours in whatever way you please.

    Kim Doll features  Dolls™ head #64 and 170 cm D-cup body style, with Light Tan tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

    Sex Doll Body Video Demo