Estelle 125cm Mini Sex Doll


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  • With great enthusiasm, I recommend you our Estelle, who is very popular. She is a black eyed red head with a pink complexion. What else is sexier than that? That face is so sexy and the clothes amazing. We have lots of dolls but Estelle is the best most beautiful! We can’t stop looking at her. One thing when ordering a doll, is get her with the standing foot option. It opens up so many possibilities for photos etc.. It’s a little fun and fantasy, but what are the chances we would be able to indulge in this scenario with a REAL girl. Our website on the other hand guarantees you the best experience with sex doll with hot sexy dolls that represent a real human. Whether you are a woman looking for mini sex doll for decoration or modeling; or a man looking to satisfy your sexual desires then our website is hear for you. Couples who are looking to spice up their marriage are also not left behind we knows that sex is the best spice for every marriage.

    Estelle Doll features  Dolls™ head #21 and 125 cm A-cup body style, with Pink skin tone and other Pre-selected options. You can customise it by selecting sex doll options. 

    Sex Doll Body Video Demo

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